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Kaanaeli Nnko


Abstract of research: This study is centered on assessing the effectiveness of strategies used by commercial banks in Tanzania to deal with earnings management. This study was premised on the fact there is a need for effective strategies to protect the users of financial statements especially in commercial banks against misleading financial statements. Commercial banks are sometimes tempted to manipulate earnings to increase the reported profit or minimize the reported losses. There is a lot of evidence to suggest that commercial banks engage in earnings management. Examples of earnings management in commercial banks are [...]

Kaanaeli Nnko2020-08-25T16:38:08+02:00

Peter Warutere


Abstract of research: “Determinants of logistics outsourcing performance in a collaborative seaport and regional transport corridor ecosystem.” Specifically, the proposal is to study third party logistics at Mombasa port and the Northern Economic Corridor. The port and corridor play a critical role in international trade and transport for Kenya and other East African Community countries. The study will focus on how the collaboration in the operations of the port and NEC transport system, including a standard gauge railway (SGR) that started operations in March 2017, affects the performance of third-party logistics firms using [...]

Peter Warutere2020-08-25T16:52:26+02:00

Daniel Onwuh


PhD in Logistics Management Abstract of research: "Uncertainty, Integration and Supply Chain Flexibility for Commodities Logistics Management of Organizations in Nigeria." The objective of this research is to provide empirical evidence for better understanding the concept of supply flexibility, i.e. its motivations (e.g. environmental uncertainty), how it is achieved (e.g. supply chain integration), and which factors determine the strategy used to increase supply flexibility for commodities logistics management in organizations in Nigeria. Specifically, the aim of this research proposal is to find the sources that are more effective to achieve each [...]

Daniel Onwuh2020-08-25T16:30:10+02:00

PhD and DBA at Swiss School of Management


PhD and DBA at Swiss School of Management What are the differences and when which? Swiss School of Management offers doctoral candidates two focused pathways towards a doctoral degree: a doctor of Philosophy (PhD) and a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA). Both degrees are on the highest academic level (level 8 by the EQF framework), but there is a significant difference between the nature of the programs. Using this table, one gets a clear overview of the similarities and differences between a PhD and a DBA. Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) Candidate profile Researchers, [...]

PhD and DBA at Swiss School of Management2020-06-18T15:16:38+02:00

SSM Research Center and ESAMI collaborate with a DBA program


SSM Research Center and ESAMI are bringing a DBA program to East and South African region Swiss School of Management (SSM) and ESAMI are jointly bringing a 3-year internationally accredited DBA program to East and South Africa. Starting now, you can apply through our admissions form (found here). Candidates enrolled in 2020 receive a generous partial scholarship. The program is based on blended learning. All of the coursework can be done using SSM’s e-learning platform, and ESAMI and SSM campuses are available as study centers. Four-day workshops are not mandatory. SSM offers frequent webinars on selected topics. [...]

SSM Research Center and ESAMI collaborate with a DBA program2020-10-08T14:26:37+02:00