In the current knowledge-based economy, the sharing and transfer of knowledge is an essential factor fueling the competitive position of firms and thereby generating economic growth. It is generally acknowledged by firms that, in order to maintain their competitive position, they have to provide their employees with access to relevant training modules. Furthermore, issues such as employability and flexibility are becoming increasingly important for employees as well. The competitive labor market forces employees to maintain and increase their level of knowledge and constantly update their array of competencies, in order to consolidate their positions or acquiring better positions on the labor market

Our value proposition

Employers need their employees to be well-educated and flexible, however, the employees cannot be out of the office for many hours or days to follow a classroom-based education programme. Our e-learning platform makes it possible to provide the employee with appropriate study materials at the exact moment he faces a problem in his work situation. Moreover, an employee is able to study on moments during the day that business slow. The employee can even study at home or in any other place that is suitable to him.

Value for employers

  • High speed and relatively low cost of e-learning methods
  • Flexibility in learning paths. Employees can learn only the content that is needed at a specific time
  • Flexibility is learning moments. Employees can learn when business is slow and do not have to travel
  • Investments in technical infrastructure are made already
  • Become frontrunners in all respects, using cutting edge technology for education

Value for employees

  • Not having to move from their homes and work in order to attend required sessions.
  • Having flexibility within the predetermined time frame of a course with respect to completing assignments.
  • Being able to omit aspects of a course that were inconvenient or judged not directly relevant to them (particularly group meetings).
  • Being able to vary the amount of communication that was required of them with other students or the need to physically get together with other students or the instructor.
  • Flexibility in being able to adapt assignments better related to their workplace duties.
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