PhD and DBA at Swiss School of Management

What are the differences and when which?

Swiss School of Management offers doctoral candidates two focused pathways towards a doctoral degree: a doctor of Philosophy (PhD) and a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA). Both degrees are on the highest academic level (level 8 by the EQF framework), but there is a significant difference between the nature of the programs. Using this table, one gets a clear overview of the similarities and differences between a PhD and a DBA.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)
Candidate profile Researchers, academics, managers Managers, entrepreneurs, business owners
Entry requirements Master’s degree Master’s degree and 5 years of work experience in a leading position
Orientation of research Theoretical  Practical/applied
Type of research Fundamental or applied Applied
Type of research topic  Society, public policies or business and economics Business and economics with a strong link to the day job
Duration of program 3 years (six semesters) 2 years (four semesters)
Extension years No limit On exceptional cases
Price of program 5,000 EURO per semester 30,000 EURO
Partial scholarship Yes, upon request. With special terms and conditions No
Payment plans  Payments per semester Lump sum payment with a 5% discount or installments per semester
Coursework Required (4 modules), no exams Required (4 modules), no exams
Support Supervisor, mentor and digital content  Supervisor, mentor and digital content
Travel to campus No, but optional No, but optional
Type of study Work + study + workshops/events Work + study + workshops/events
Indicated intensity 16-20 hours a week (approximately) 16-40 hours a week (approximately)
Titel after graduation PhD or Dr. (doctor) DBA or Dr. (doctor)
Thesis size 120-150 pages 100-120 pages
Oral defense Yes Yes
Typical motivations Career in academics and industry Personal challenge, business career

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