Management institutes

Management institutes are important organizations in the world of professionals. They help develop careers and thus competitiveness.  We know that it is important to deliver high impact and high quality training to professionals. You want to train (future) professionals to empower their careers and gain influence in the market.

In traditional scenarios management institutes use traditional forms of education, meaning: classroom, professor, students, chalk board. In today’s world, that is no longer needed. As internet is wide-spread and smartphones are everywhere, students can start using digital means to their educational needs. To get on the ‘e-learning train’, trade-offs have to be made. Innovating existing business models can be very risky. You’ll need partners, money and most importantly – a value proposition that serves the needs of interesting customer segments.

Working with SSM Research Center

We offer marketing, administrational and operational support to management institutes. We will help design learning paths that are modern and cost efficient. But above all, highly scalable and enjoyable by students.

  • Our smooth onboarding process makes sure that we’ll do most of the work.
  • The student admissions process is done by us
  • Little to none financial investment up front
  • All systems are ready and up and running; so you won’t be a guinea pig.
  • Implementing our services into your existing business model maximizes scalability
  • Our dedicated marketing experts help boost brand en positioning awareness
  • We help student recruitment campaigns
  • Lead generation using digital marketing (social media and search engines) enlarges the market exponentially
  • CRM and Sales support is provided by us
  • Promotional and marketing material is available upon request
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