LawSikho, online education company that creates advanced and practical legal courses, has launched a Master of Business Administration in Data Protection and Privacy Management in collaboration with Swiss School of Management (SSM) Sagl, under the supervision of the Research Center of SSM. The 15-month MBA degree will help professionals seeking to broaden their expertise in the information security management industry in India and globally.

LawSikho will provide SSM’s programme offerings through its platform and facilitators in close collaboration with the Research Centre of Swiss School of Management. Students will also have the opportunity to attend a summer school programme at the Rome Campus of the Swiss School of Management Sagl, at an additional fee. The MBA course is according to the European Standards of Higher Education as part of the Process of Harmonisation of Higher Education in Europe (Bologna). The MBA in Data Protection and Privacy Management will be offered to students at $5,300.

Information security management

Ramanuj Mukherjee, CEO, LawSikho said, “The issues around data protection and privacy management have been gaining importance globally over the past few years. In India, an acute need of a data protection legislation was felt and a bill is pending in the parliament. Also, Indian professionals have an unprecedented opportunity before them to work remotely for foreign start-ups and organisations around the world. The MBA in Data Protection and Privacy Management will help to learn about best practices in information security management, how to design privacy first products and processes, and train them to navigate data security challenges of global businesses and corporations.”

SSM’s Professor Dr H C Jovan Didier spoke about the collaboration with to bring this programme to India, “With the rise of digitalisation globally and India’s innovation power, the need to be educated and trained well on ethics, best practices, and grounded theories becomes vital to the world’s progress. This programme is designed for future leaders, using a solid foundation of academic content combined with the newest insights on privacy management and data protection.”