SSM Research Center acknowledged the impact of blockchain technology on the organization of the future, thus the requirements of its future leaders. That is why we partnered up with Weconomics, a Dutch organization of experts on blockchain management. We share the vision of a world with a minimum digital bureaucracy and transparency in business is best. Together we designed the world’s first MBA program with a specialization in blockchain management. A fine combination between core courses on management and innovative content covering blockchain-thinking.

About Weconomics

Weconomics focuses on the alignment of disruptive technologies (such as blockchain) with fundamentally new organization models and concepts. These technologies and concepts will make traditional organizations and inefficient markets too expensive, by default. One of these new organization concepts is called: The digital assembly line. A blockchain creates rich data that, together with data organization, assembles data into information. This will reduce organizational costs by tens of percent. Weconomics offers academy services (training, lectures, courses, cases etc.), project support (digital waste assessments, Community Model Canvas, scenario planning, backcasting etc.), HR-Services (recruitment, staffing, assessment, talent programs), consultancy, software development (simulations, proof of concepts) and an expert network & knowledge center.

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About the MBA program

SSM Research Center and Weconomics partner up making the world’s first MBA program in blockchain management. Blockchain technology is here to stay. It will disrupt many industries globally. Blockchain technology will shatter all organizational models of the last three decades and will become the standard for the years to come. Thus, it is time for well-educated advanced professionals who know how to organize and manage blockchain-driven organizations.

This program will be available soon.

About Swiss School of Management

SSM is an internationally recognized higher education institution, that exceeds the standards of today’s professional world. SSM is accredited by International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE), EduQua Switzerland, and the Ministry of Education and Research of the Region of Lazio (Italy). Furthermore, SSM is recognized by multiple international bodies such as UNESCO, IAU, and CHEA.

Hundreds of students study with SSM at campuses and training centers in Europe, Middle-East, Asia, and Africa.

SSM Research Center offers a great blended learning experience. SSM Research Center focuses on research. With fully accredited doctoral programs –  a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) and a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) – and a high tech e-learning platform we aim to do research that serves businesses and societies. The platform contains complete Master’s, MBA, DBA and PhD programs. We are continuously innovating, with Master programs in Business Analytics; Blockchain; and Data Science in 2020. We also offer a Master of Research, which can be obtained on the fly when doing a PhD, opening up the program for holders of bachelor degrees.

More information can be requested through Yoram Roemersma (Director of Marketing at SSM Research Centre; Email: yoram.roemersma@ssmresearch.com WhatsApp +31 6 319  174 20).

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Meet the Weconomics team

Jeroen Perquin
Jeroen Perquin
Jeroen Perquin is a very experienced Finance Executive and owner of Perquin Blockchain Strategies / Blockchain for Financials. He is engaged in providing blockchain training, workshops, and consultancy assignments. Jeroen’s specialization is the possibility of blockchain in the financial field in organizations. He speaks and works from years of international experience in Business and Finance. He has held positions in Investor Relations, Controlling, Internal Audit, Treasury, Accounting and has worked as Financial Director. He gained his experience in various internationally operating companies including Shell and Bilfinger Tebodin.

Jeroen makes complex situations clear thanks to strong analytical and people skills. Focused on commercial delivery of projects to drive sustained business and functional performance. Driven by the opportunity to use Blockchain and other new technologies to improve business and financial processes and create new operational models with less friction and bureaucracy. An open and clear communicator and a real team worker.

Paul Bessems
Paul Bessems
Paul Bessems helps organizations with digital strategies, the development of ecosystems, blockchain and the digital assembly line to reduce digital waste. He brings modern organization science and technology together. He developed new concepts such as the Digital Assembly Line, Personal Data Service and Blockchain Organizing to organize supply and demand of data in a more decentralized platform economy. He moves between science and practice, is an entrepreneur, international speaker, a strategic consultant and (co) author of more than ten management books.

He has more than 30 year’s experience in designing and developing new organizations that solve real society problems, align better with our new context (data economy) and new organization technologies such as blockchain. He is an expert in the field of blockchain organizing, advises on strategic level and works industry agnostic.
Besides his work as a consultant, he is also founder, chairman and fellow of the Weconomics Foundation. Weconomics facilitates the transition to a broader and more sustainable prosperity with the mission: ‘Work Less, Achieve More’. Paul is also founder and fellow of The Institute for New Organizational Thinking, one of the Weconomics spin-offs.

Robert Rongen
Robert Rongen
Experienced IT architect and consultant in the field of blockchain technology, internet of things and information management. As an independent blockchain consultant he provides strategy, architecture and organization advice and training activities. He helps companies with blockchain technology and develops use cases, proof-of-concepts and simulations. In the Netherlands he organizes blockchain technology and smart contracts meetups. Specific experience with smart contracts in Ethereum (Solidity), Hyperledger Fabric, Tokenomics (economics related to the use of tokens) self-sovereign identity management (self-sovereign data store for identity and personal data). He worked for companies such as Philips and Atos.

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