Recognition of Prior Learning


Recognition of prior learning (work-based entry route) To enroll in the PhD program you need, next to a sound command of the English language, one of three things: To prove that you’ve attained a masters degree; To prove that you’ve got sufficient working experience; To be able to present recognition of prior learning. What is Recognition of Prior Learning? This is where we accept a previous qualification as meeting the learning outcomes (or covering the syllabus) for a course or module, so you don’t need to take it as part of your degree. This reduces the number of modules [...]

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PhD and DBA at Swiss School of Management


PhD and DBA at Swiss School of Management What are the differences and when which? Swiss School of Management offers doctoral candidates two focused pathways towards a doctoral degree: a doctor of Philosophy (PhD) and a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA). Both degrees are on the highest academic level (level 8 by the EQF framework), but there is a significant difference between the nature of the programs. Using this table, one gets a clear overview of the similarities and differences between a PhD and a DBA. Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) Candidate profile Researchers, [...]

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