Affiliation with Swiss School of Management
We are a full ‘daughter organization’ of the Swiss School of Management (SSM), that enables us to grant official, internationally accredited degrees to all graduates. You can study traditionally (meaning in classrooms and enjoy campus life), but you can also use our modern e-learning system. SSM holds accreditations by the Ministry of Education and Research in Italy, IACBE, EduQua, CHEA and lots more. After graduation you can apply for a work permit within the EU!

Distance and online learning with e-learning platform
We have created an e-learning platform where students conduct all of the course work, communicate with professors (and other students), hand in assignments, find study resources (such as reading material, videos and self-tests) and manage their progress. The platform is accessible via all smart devices with an internet connection and an internet browser. The platform works fast, secure and easy. The student becomes the manager of his own study planning; he can study when-ever, where-ever.

Undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral studies
At SSM Research Center we offer full educational programs on masters and doctoral level. Our curriculum is constantly evolving, but currently we offer a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) and a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). Being a smart, flexible and lean organization as we are, it is also possible to just do a couple of courses.

Mode of payment and scholarship opportunities
SSM Research Center is an organization that wants to make education reachable to everyone, no matter what the economic or diplomatic status is. That is why students can apply for a partial scholarship. Besides that, we offer the opportunity for students to pay their tuition in installments, and when needed, we can make an invoice for employers or other sponsors. The price of our programs are very competitive due to our social policy and the fact that our cost structure is extremely efficient.

High quality programs, supervision and faculty
All faculty members are PhD holders. In that way, we control the quality of programs, courses and supervision. The faculty consists of multiple cultures, backgrounds and fields of expertise. All students will get supervision by a highly experienced professional in the field of study the student chooses. Supervision is done by a standardized process to ensure equality and consistency.

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Why choose SSM Research Center

  • International accreditation IACBE

  • High quality, intensive supervision, and digital support

  • Blended learning principles as a standard

  • Partial scholarships available based on research output

  • No admissions deadlines

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Doctor of Business Administration

DBA Studies are one of the most challenging and highest rewarding levels in Higher Education. SSM Research Center has developed an outstanding Doctor of Business Administration Program. The program have unique features, which add significant values to graduates beyond the rewarding Doctor Degree.

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PhD at SSM Research Center

At SSM Research Center you will find a variety of PhD programs. A PhD is the highest university degree that is conferred after a course of study by universities in most English-speaking countries. PhDs are awarded for programs across the whole breadth of academic fields.

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